Tight deadlines and meetings

You start early to leave late, you need the bonus it helps boost your pay, without it it’s as if it’s below minimum wage. So you work hard and block out distractions, you work through folders and complete the piles of files on your desk, once they are completed there’s still more on the way. You can end up staying very late because there’s so much to complete, then the awful journey back home were you struggle to find a seat, everyone else probably had overtime to or attended meetings, you honestly can’t wait for the weekend. b even then you’re knackered and want to rest, have a lie in and chill, a soothing relaxed day with hopes of a home cooked meal or perhaps a takeaway. Whatever’s decided you are constantly reminded that you have work on Monday. 



I was waiting outside, this time I chose not to walk on by. I knew my presence would warrant fury. You had bigger fish to fry. I usually walked on by for my own peace, sometimes I’d shudder in my worn out fleece. Retrieving memories which should remain buried. It was a waste of time just remaining in one position, one position for one persons innocence. Walking on by was not the worse option to take, I was doing this for my own sake. Not yours, of course. Selfishness and pride should never be endorsed. The earth shook at that moment in full force. The laws of gravity became so apparent. Is it too late to go back home? Who asked me not to walk on by as I always do? I retied up my shoes and thought of you. This was a bold move. A transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I held my head up high. And mentally prepared my self for this colossus ride.


It was a quarter past eight on a Saturday. I shrugged my shoulders, another example of you not pulling your weight. Actions are louder then words. All the repetitive speeches went unheard. She peered hard through the window and made several glances at my phone. She had high expectations. I certainly did not. I shook my head you’d tarnished your reputation. I couldn’t help but feel misery for her. She had been so excited, finally it was her turn. Her turn to plan out a day with you, her turn to tell all her friends you two had met up. I knew, I knew in my gut this would happen. I wanted to protect her from all of this. I am to blame. The waiting process needs to be dismissed. I bopped into the kitchen to get her one of her favourite biscuits. I intended to draw the curtains, this is the final straw I won’t watch on for this to become a burden anymore.


Support with a cause, not just for the opportunity to gain entry through those wide squared doors. Those same doors can cause a rise or fall. Some may stroll, run or crawl if they are determined the doors will open at the sound of their voice. Many doors will open they’ll be spoilt for choice. I would always overhear this type of conversation when I passed these doors. This was due to the ancient thin walls. In this context the walls most certainly had ears. I knew my peers could hear it to. The conversation always had a similar message. Just a different delivery. It was spoken in a low tone but sounded like the unknown identity was standing right next to me. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but it was a regular occurrence on this block. I never looked through the room to see who it was, that door would always be locked. I knocked on the door and no one answered so I bolted in but no one was there to my shock.

Gladdison Way

You could barely tell what colour it was as it was so dusty. It looked navy, well maybe. As it was dusty. The whole place was dusty it obviously hadn’t been cleaned in a while, towards the left of the room had a set of lilac tiles. Just laying on one side of the room, it strangely looked untouched. That began to rattle with me much as the whole room is an entire state. Had someone come here on a different date? Different time but same place? But to come and place tiles in an abandoned storage unit such as this isn’t comprehendible. It’s laughable. This was the right time for me to begin my search, mum was a nurse and had a ton of births to deliver. Probably wouldn’t be home at all for dinner. Everyone had better things to do outside of the house. So when there was a knocking on 33 Pearls Court I realised someone had arrived unannounced. 

With reason to oblige.

Every time I act as a defendant my job is on the line. I wasn’t present when you signed their dotted line. A hefty fee of a fine blurred into the undeviating design. You should have known better, birds of the same feathers do flock together. This situation was none the different, a culprit hoping to plead innocent? I couldn’t express myself on the matter, they didn’t care for my opinion. The rules had been bent, despite your feelings of regret you’d leave the premises as your apology was seen as irrelevant. An explanation from you wasn’t going to change their minds. Your explanation was invalid. They had proof of your signature on the dotted line. They kept their copy as you should, with the impression you would comply with the books. An unfortunate scene created to signify you’ve always been just a number. It seems it’s too late for you to awaken from your slumber.

Something about the letter.

I knew it was you, I heard it and straight away all paths lead to you. It’s funny because you and I were at the crossroads, the gimmicks had come to an end and so had the I told you so’s. Belongings had been removed row by row. My style of fashion had changed, I had purchased some new clothes. You were still in my heart some how… Some how you still remained close. The butter to my toast. It sounded more like a choice. Like I had chosen to keep you close. Out of sight should equal out of mind. Once I heard it, it seemed I wasn’t entirely hard to find. You knew exactly where to locate me, you knew me too well. Wherever the snail was hiding it’d have to come out of its shell. You’d have thought after the time apart you wouldn’t have come to mind. Once I heard it, it seemed you too wasn’t so hard to find.