As much as I wanted to disagree he was right. Everything was accurate. I sighed you could see the discontent beaming boldly in my eyes. I had prepared myself for this moment only to be struck down. After the sigh I was so displeased I didn’t make any further sounds. I couldn’t result to complaining especially when all of this had been said. It would only cause further explaining and I really was not looking forward to such. Mikey gave me a little nudge he didn’t even have to ask. I was waiting for the discussion to be rounded up so I could get on with my tasks. I wanted a glass of water my throat was ever so dry. It seemed it was drawing to a close we could all go. We had been here for a while I’m sure we had lost track of time. I left as soon as I could stand I didn’t want to be caught up in a second discussion or cornered in the corridor. I flung open the door and power walked leaving them all behind. 


I wanted to make you proud so when I informed you of the news you was ecstatic. You ran around the house you was so thrilled. You were filled with so much joy for me. I knew you would. My biggest supporter. Your princess, your petite daughter had finally began to walk in her calling. You hugged me so tightly without warning. You repetitively told me how proud you was, you couldn’t be prouder. My eyes began to fill with tears as you kept announcing the news louder and louder. It dawned on me then that your support was all I ever needed and all I ever wanted. As I cried tears of joy and you congratulated me through this act we bonded. You looked at me with loving eyes. You was truly proud of me. You always believed that I could achieve any goal or dream. The look on your face was the look I wanted to see permanently


The music was far too loud, it was blazing right over the crowd. You could hear all the distinctive sounds. I liked low music, soft easy going sounds. My frown went unnoticed. I decided to sit elsewhere, somewhere quiet were I could hear myself think. And within in a blink of an eye I fell asleep. A long overdue deep sleep. It wasn’t until I was awoken that I realised I had slept. Georgia had gone into a fret when she couldn’t find me. She had noticed I wasn’t exactly impressed and wanted to make me some tea. She had walked up and down tiresomely and asked people kindly if they had seen me. Their response infuriated her but perhaps their vision was a blur. She had found me sleeping on the abandoned worn out sofa. When she had woken me I murmured is it over? She looked down with a sigh of relief and responded back with a nod. She delicately removed my lashes and let me doze off. 


I took a stroll by cleavesfield road at this exact time as I knew I would catch a glimpse of you. One would assume I had something to do but that wasn’t the case. It was really just to see even the miniature angle of your face. I always grinned too hard when I saw you in general, I remember chuckling when we was in the elevator and you asked what level I was heading to. I realised how silly I looked so I mumbled floor two. You left as it was your floor I’m assuming. You smiled as you left nodding your head to your music. Your smile was so soothing. I couldn’t help but behave so awkwardly, when my eyes set on him I lost all modesty. His face was so well shaped, so defined. When he did turn his face I’d blush and hide. There he was in his tracksuit this wasn’t out of the blue. I walked on as we weren’t friends, I was gutted but I really didn’t want to humiliate myself again. 


Your area of focus in this conversation is invalid. You and I are not married. My choices shouldn’t affect you. I am my own person. An individual. I refuse to be placed in the middle. Lack of direction I’m truly drained. I don’t want a response, I don’t want anything to be explained. You are not certain of me and that’s the truth. I didn’t need it, the uncertainty, the dishonesty, the lies I didn’t need it at all. It’s funny because you behaved as if you’d catch me if was to fall. Was that a gimmick? A trick or a mask? It certainly wore off. The silly cough that would come upon you when it was my turn to discuss how I was feeling. The awkward movement of hands and your odd focus on the ceiling. Your whole posture has never been straight, constantly leaning. As I’ve said I don’t want anything to be explained, you aren’t a wild animal who needs to be tamed. I just want to leave quietly with whats left of my dignity. 

Above the law.

I puzzled in thought, perhaps I was even lost. The conversation had taken a bizarre turn. The more I listened the more I learned that the individual in front of me had been misled. The scenarios created had begun in his head. Unless this all happened when I wasn’t present. But then if someone was to sabotage they would ensure the person in question wouldn’t see the message. I listened hard because I was deep in thought, it seems the plaintiff believed they wouldn’t get caught. Nothing is ever done under the sun. There’s always one. There’s always one person that has seen the act. The individual explained the stories as if they were facts. There’s two sides to every story fortunately. Before reaching a conclusion I aimed to find out the truth. The plaintiff would have no place under my roof. 


The violets added some colour to the room, even though they were plastic it’s as if they still bloomed. I was slowly becoming a fan of pastel colours. Something so soft and satisfying to gaze at. I stroked Millie the cat as she strolled on by. Guess she loved the violets too. As I previously explained despite being plastic it’s as if they still bloomed. There was an imprint at the bottom with a heart saying from me to you. Creative and cute. It’s definitely something I’ll remember. Even if it was real after a while it would decompose and not grow. I remember the clever ways you formulated your sentences together. That time I shared my love for Shakespeare with you so you wrote me a letter using a feather. The violets brought a twinkle to my eye and that was no surprise. I took a glance at the clock and noticed the time. Millie walked on by once more. I stood around playing with my hands waiting on the call.